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The Palm Deira

9 Haziran 2010 Çarşamba

About The Palm, Deira

The Palm, Deira, the third and largest offering in The Palm trilogy of islands, is set to add a further 400 km of shoreline to Dubai. About 6 km from The World cluster of Islands, this sizable development is currently evolving on reclaimed tracts of land near Deira Corniche. The manmade archipelago measures 14 km in length from land to the tip of its crescent and 8.5 km in width from crescent to crescent. Its Fronds vary in length with a distance of 840 and 400 m of sea between them.

Facts & figures

The Palm, Deira consists of 24 islets including the massive Deira Island. The Deira Island alone will accommodate around 200,000 residents out of an expected total population of 1.1 million people on the entire development.

Just half an hour's drive from Dubai International Airport, The Palm, Deira covers 80 sq km, which is roughly equivalent to that of Greater London and bigger than Paris. The crescent runs for 21 km and on completion, will be the largest in the world. The Palm, Deira is emerging on waters that are 6 m deep, reaching down to 22 m below sea level.

The districts

The Palm, Deira is carved into 9 districts, namely,

  • Deira Island
  • Palm Crown
  • Palm Fronds
  • Palm Crescent
  • Palm Trunk
  • North Island
  • South Island
  • Central Island
  • Al Mamzar Island

Deira Island marks the Phase I of The Palm, Deira project; it is linked to the present Deira coastline of Dubai. Once land reclamation is complete, Deira Island will be similar in size to The Palm, Jumeirah. It will serve as an entrée to the whole development. The Phase I of the Palm Deira project stretches 4 km along the Deira Corniche and is severed from it by a 170 m wide and 6 m deep water channel. The two areas will be connected by a 2-way passage for vehicles and pedestrians.

The various zones on Deira Island are:

  • The Promenade
  • The Boulevard
  • The Marina
  • West Business District
  • Meadows Park
  • Theater & Concept Square

Expected projects on The Palm, Deira

The Palm, Deira boasts ambitious projects including residential property, marinas, shopping malls, sports facilities and leisure clubs. Its residential area, containing some 8,000 2-storey town houses in 3 distinct styles - Premier Villas, Grand Villas & Vista Town Homes will be located on the 41 fronds. Owners will have recourse to a wide range of architectural themes for their homes. Also on the island are private and public beaches, hopping and dining outlets, marinas and a multitude of facilities for leisure and recreation.


There are plans to create an integrated transit-orientated development on The Palm, Deira, with special emphasis on providing multiple access points. The aim is to develop a public transportation system that includes an extension of the Dubai Metro facilitating access to tram and water networks. The Palm, Deira master plan requires all infrastructures to be complete by the end of 2008 together with water, power and telecommunication services.


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