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Culture Village

4 Haziran 2010 Cuma

Dubai Culture Village

Conceived by Dubai Properties, Culture Village is a unique project that recognizes the important role of the Creek in the cultural landscape of Dubai. Situated on the creek the Culture Village offers a platform with all the components of a higher lifestyle, satisfying the intellectual and the practical needs of residents and visitors.

For ages, the creek has been the lifeline of Dubai. Dubai's culture is inextricably linked to the evolution of the creek both as a catalyst of commerce and as a centre of heritage and civilization. At Culture Village, the mystique and romance of life come to the fore. A unique development designed by the same team that incubated themed projects such as Business Bay, Jumeirah Beach Residence etc, Culture Village proposes a wide variety in the styles and content of art galleries, museums, theaters, public exhibition spaces, fashion activities, institutes specializing in different disciplines, gardens, and many other activities pertaining to the promotion of the Arts in the society and community in general.


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